Cracking the Code:
5 Criteria Homeowners Use When Hiring Their Next Pro

What do homeowners look for when hiring a home remodeling professional? In HomeAdvisor’s experience, they want to see five things:

1. They want to see positive, verified ratings & reviews.

Word-of-mouth referrals have been – and always will be – one of the most effective marketing tools a business owner has. And while the fundamental concept hasn’t changed, the Internet has given your customers a much larger platform to voice their opinions, whether good or bad.

Not surprisingly, potential customers check pro reviews during the hiring process. Unfortunately, some sites don’t do a good job of verifying their ratings and reviews, making it difficult for homeowners to figure out who they can trust. But since HomeAdvisor verifies every review, this protects both the pro and homeowner from fraudulent reviews.

So how can you put your good reviews to work for you? HomeAdvisor recommends a three-phase approach:
•  Aim for a collective rating of at least 4.5 (out of 5) stars. Homeowners are looking for the best pros
   and will typically eliminate pros with anything less than a four-star rating.
•  Collect at least five reviews (10 or more is optimal).
•  Display your verified ratings & reviews on your HomeAdvisor public profile. By posting your reviews
   on your profile, you’ll make it easy for them to find the info they’re looking for, which, in turn, gets
   them to pick up the phone.

2. They want to know they can trust you.

Did you know that four out of five homeowners say they’d never hire a service pro that hasn’t had a criminal and financial background check? They want to know that the pro they hire is reputable, credible, and free of any impropriety. HomeAdvisor makes it easy for the homeowners to get the peace of mind they’re looking for by only referring pros that have successfully passed a rigorous screening process. Displaying the HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval on your profile lets potential clients know you’re someone they can trust.

3. They want to know you have the right credentials, certifications, and licenses.

How many times has a potential customer asked you to provide proof of insurance and licensing? Have they asked you if you’ve received any awards for your work or are a member of any professional organizations?

In studies conducted by HomeAdvisor, surprisingly less than 50% of homeowners ask their contractor to provide such information. Yet, 61% of homeowners say it’s very important when hiring a service professional. Proactively providing this information in your profile lets them know you’re reputable, while eliminating the embarrassing need to ask you for the information.

4. They want to see your work.

Homeowners want to know that your skills align with their vision and style. More times than not, they want to see examples of your work before they pick up the phone to talk to you about their project. Posting photos of your best work allows you to showcase your expertise, giving prospective clients a visual reference to your work quality and remodel experience.

5. They want exceptional customer service.

Whether they’re tackling a minor repair or major remodel, homeowners want a pro who appreciates the importance of superior customer service. That means being attentive to their needs, and understanding of their concerns. As simple of a concept that might seem, delivering exceptional customer service is not a skill that every pro can master. And yet, prioritizing customer service is one of the most effective ways to stand out from your competition.