6 Ways to Grow Your Business With Online Marketing
BY: HomeAdvisor

Four out of five people use the Internet to find local products and services — and most of them use their smartphones to do it, according to a recent study by Google. For home service professionals, this means that if you haven’t created an online presence, you may as well be hand-delivering customers to the doors of your competitors who have. It’s time to meet your customers where they are.


Here are six easy ways to market your business online:

1. Directory Listings:
People can’t hire you if they can’t find you. List your business in online directories that will show your business name and contact information in results across all devices. You’ll get the best results from those focused on the industry.


2. A Mobile-Ready Company Website:
Create an attractive, functional site that includes information about your company’s history and the services you provide. Also, add photos and case studies to showcase your work and expertise. Make sure that your site displays well across all desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.


3. Ratings and Reviews:
Use ratings and reviews to open a meaningful dialogue with your customers and demonstrate your commitment to customer service. Don’t accept ratings and reviews on unverified sites. Fake reviews from competitors or spammers can damage your reputation.


4. Discoverability:
Make your website discoverable by search engines such as Google and Bing by including direct and informative copy. Describe your business using the words people are likely to enter when they search for the services you provide.


5. Email Marketing:
Use email marketing to build and nurture relationships with past, current and future customers. Send follow-ups, service reminders, special offers, and helpful tips and information. Consistently include relevant content, a call to action and a compelling subject line that won’t go to spam.


6. Social Media Engagement:
Employ social media to build awareness about your business, engage with your audience and showcase your talents. To start, choose just one or two social media platforms in line with your business goals. Then, track your progress to see which has the greatest impact.

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