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How long will it take you to knock out your weekend to-do list? If you’re like most homeowners, probably more time than you’d like. Instead of spending your free time checking off chores, you might find it makes more sense to hire a pro — especially if your project is one of the following:

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Tree Removal
Always hire a skilled tree pro to remove dead or dying trees from your property. Why? First, cutting a tree down and ensuring that it doesn’t fall onto your neighbor’s property takes precision, skill and the right equipment. Second, once the tree is down, you’re going to have a lot of debris in your yard. A tree pro has the expertise to clean up your yard quickly and efficiently. They’ll also grind the stump, so you’re not left with an unsightly space in your yard.

Gutter Repair or Replacement
Making sure your gutters are in good shape before winter is a smart move. While gutter work might seem relatively straightforward, it’s a job that’s deceptively difficult. First, gutters are connected to your roof. If you’re replacing your gutters, it’s important not to impact any of the structural aspects of your roof or attic. Second, be sure to install your gutters at the proper grade to ensure efficient drainage. Installing your gutters at the wrong angle could compromise all of your hard work. Third, installing gutters means working on a ladder. Even small falls from a ladder can result in serious injuries. A licensed pro will have the tools and experience necessary to knock out your gutter repair or replacement project much quicker than a DIY job.

Butter Repair or Replacement

Exterior Painting
Your home’s exterior is the first thing your friends and family will notice about your home. A professional paint job will make sure your home gives a great first impression. And while you’re surely capable of painting your home’s exterior, you might find that it’s smarter to hire a painter to do the job for you. A professional painter will prep your home correctly. Improper prepping can lead to a minimized lifespan of your paint. In many cases, your exterior will require a fair amount of prep work, usually involving power washing, sanding, scraping, caulking and taping. Second, a pro has the tools and skills to complete your job in less time than a DIY project.

Roof Repair
Always hire a pro to tackle roofing jobs. A professional will have the skills and supplies necessary to complete your repair in a timely manner — and with much better results.

Roof Repair

Structural Repairs
Unless you have a degree in structural engineering, you’re going to want to think twice before breaking out the sledgehammer. Load bearing walls are critical to your home’s structural integrity. Removing one without the proper support in place can have disastrous consequences. Always hire a licensed contractor before you begin any structural repairs.

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Wrapping Up
Having a little extra room in your schedule doesn’t mean you have to fill it with chores — especially if that means sacrificing time with friends and family. Instead, hire a pro to tackle your to-do list.

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