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Sarah and Paul's kitchen remodel cost about $18,000. Check out their story below!

Kitchen: Before and After

From a blue dog to a surprise outdoor addition, this remodel gave a Florida couple more than just a gorgeous kitchen.

After three years in their home, Sarah and Paul Doggett were finally ready for a new kitchen. But updating the retro looks and cramped layout of their kitchen on a limited budget seemed like a tall order. Here’s how a determined group of HomeAdvisor Pros helped make the Doggett’s dream a reality — and add in a few extras.
With both Sarah and Paul Doggett working from home, the dated décor and crowded layout of their kitchen wasn’t helping their productivity or enjoyment of their home. “It was pretty ugly,” Sarah Doggett said. “The kitchen and the appliances were from the 60s, we had a mini oven with one of the burners out and our cabinets’ hinges were eating through the plywood, causing the doors to sag.” In addition to less-than-spectacular aesthetics, the cramped layout of the kitchen was
restricting. “The galley kitchen separated us from the other parts of our home and people were crammed in there anytime we had friends or family over,” Doggett said.

Sarah and Paul Doggett were ready for a change, so they turned to HomeAdvisor to help them find a trustworthy pro who was up for the challenge. After receiving several estimates, the Doggetts decided on New Wave Kitchen and Bath. “Budget was definitely a main thing for us and New Wave’s estimate was half the price of the others. They were also really friendly and passionate about what they did, which was a huge plus as well,” Doggett said.

Designs Commence

When it came to the layout of their new kitchen, the Doggetts were both looking for more space. But there was less agreement when it came to the design. “My husband and I both had totally different ideas,” Doggett said. “We watched a lot of HGTV and tried to sell our favorite looks to each other. I ended up winning!” she laughed.

The Doggets decided on a lighter color scheme for their walls, cabinets and countertops. “We wanted a more coastal, beachy theme,” Dogget said. “But we also wanted to keep it neutral in case we wanted to sell.” That new look came in the form of white shaker cabinets, off-white quartz countertops and light blue paint for the walls. The Doggets also included a brightly colored backsplash in their new kitchen to tie their design together.

Structural Changes Kick Off

The first step to opening up the Dogget’s cramped kitchen was removing a wall to make space for new cabinets, countertops and an opening to the living room. “The guys from New Wave cut half of a wall down, which ended up being load bearing. They had to rebuild the joist to support the ceiling,” Doggett said. But the dramatic changes didn’t end there. The Dogget’s new kitchen design also meant tearing out the original drop ceiling to offer
more space for installing new lighting. “They literally reconstructed the ceiling and had to reroute the power because of the new fixtures. But they finished the demo in three or four days,” Doggett said.

The kitchen demo didn’t go off without a few mishaps. “We had been dog sitting and we left the dog at home with the workers for just a few minutes during a storm. I guess he got scared and rubbed up against the wet paint. It was pretty interesting coming home to a blue dog. The workers were so patient,” Doggett laughed. “We also had a guy from New Wave get his hand stuck in a mouse trap that was in the attic insulation and shocked when they took out the old ceiling. You run into stuff like that with such an old home.”

Countertop Issues Lead to a Win-Win

The Doggets wanted contemporary countertops to complete their kitchen’s new look, but they were hesitant to stray away from the classic looks and relative affordability of granite. But when their New Wave contractor said one slab of quartz wouldn’t cost much more than granite, it was an easy decision. Unfortunately, when the quartz arrived, it wasn’t the right size for their bar overhang — they needed another slab. “Our contractor split the cost of the extra piece of quartz,”
Doggett said. “That helped us get what we needed and gave him some extra quartz for future jobs.”

Renovations Go Quickly And Pros Leave A Surprise

Living and working from home during the renovation meant some changes to the Doggetts’ everyday lives. “We had our laundry in the garage with an in-garage sink, which is where we did our dishes. We made our coffee outside and used our grill to cook,” said Doggett. Fortunately, New Wave didn’t keep the Doggetts in their garage for long. “They were there from eight to five every day, it took them four weeks to complete the job,” Doggett said. “And the best part was we paid exactly what they quoted.”

By the time the job was finished, it was hard for the Doggets to say goodbye. “We became friends with the workers. It was like having new friends come over and hang out all day,” Doggett laughed. But the New Wave pros didn’t leave without a parting gift. “They used some reclaimed wood to make a countertop for our covered patio. It was a really nice surprise,” Doggett said.

A Finished Kitchen Transforms the Home

The Dogget’s new color scheme, floor plan, cabinets, countertops and appliances didn’t just change their kitchen. “Opening up our kitchen to the living room has literally changed our lives,” said Doggett. “It opens up our entire home.”

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