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Gutter Gremlins

What causes fractured foundations, collapsed roofs and mold-infested attics? Clogged gutters Fortunately, maintaining gunk-free gutters is easy — and even DIY-able. Use these tips to keep your gutters clean and prevent major home disasters.

What causes clogs?

Meet your gutter-clogging culprits


Sticks and leaves accumulate in your gutters throughout the year and block downspouts.


Ice on your roof can thaw and refreez in your gutters. This results in clogs and ice dams.

Faulty Downspouts

A bad design or improper installation can trap debris and ceate blockage.

What's the risk'?

Here's a look at the effects of clogged gutters, according to Mark McCumber, owner of Gutters For Less:

Foundational Issues
Clogged gutters allow water to seep into the ground and corrode our foundation. Bad foundations can result insettling issues, cracks in the wall and flooring, and even a whole-home collapse in extremem cases.

Cost to fix it:
$1,761 - $5,955

Ice Dams
Ice dams can wreak all kinds of havoc with wiring, drywall, paint, carpet, flooring and all manner of interior funishings. They can also cause problems for your exterior siding and the wood and insulation behind it.

Cost to fix it:
$316 - $1,061

Interior Water Damage
Damaged facia can leak into your upstairs bedroom.

Cost to fix it:
$1,041 - 3,635

Facia Damage
Overflowing water will cause your gutter's corner joints to prematurely age and leak. Extra moisture can rot your facia — which is really hard to replace.

Cost to fix it:
$340 - $520

Gutter Deterioration
Clogs can rot the screws and nails that secure your gutters, causing them to fall off your home.

Cost to fix it:
$546 - $1,303

What's the fix?

Regular cleanings and inspections are the only sure-fire ways to prevent gutter-related damage to your home. Hire a pro to clean and inspect your gutters before each major season. It's also a good idea to schedule an inspection after major storms.

Ready to knock our your gutter gremlins?


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