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5 Home Projects to Fall in Love With
Handyman for small repairs
Think around-the-house home projects are unromantic? Think again. These five easy home improvements will make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day — and a snazzier home too:
Hire a Handyman
1. Build a Bathroom Retreat: $300 - $800
Enhancing the comfort of your bathroom doesn’t require a remodel. In fact, you can create a luxurious bathroom hideaway with a few simple upgrades. Install modern fixtures and faucets to instantly transform the look and feel of your bathroom. And use a muted shade of paint to give the room a relaxing, spa-like feel. Perfect the space with ultra-soft towels, comfy bathrobes, scented candles and a massaging shower head.
2. Install a Gas Fireplace: $842 - $3,050
Few things are as romantic as cozying up to a roaring fire. But a smoky living room and regular wood-gathering trips can spoil the experience. Gas fireplaces offer the intimacy of traditional fireplaces without the hassles. And they also provide a consistent flow of heat to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Most models come as inserts and don’t require a chimney or pre-existing fireplace in order to function — though some will require outside ventilation. Always hire a pro to ensure a safe installation.
3. Invest in a Wine Fridge: $200 - $1,000+
What’s better than a romantic glass of wine on Valentine’s Day? A romantic glass of wine served at its optimal temperature. Installing a wine fridge will help you free up space in your refrigerator or wet bar and ensure that every bottle — whether worth $8 or $80 — is poured at its best. Pressed for cash or space? Not to worry. Wine refrigerators come in a huge variety of sizes, designs and price points.
4. Spring for a Cleaning Service: $59 - $337
Tidying up isn’t usually considered a romantic gesture. But sometimes, arriving home to a clean house can be just what the love doctor ordered — especially when you have pets or children. A spotless home will allow your partner to enjoy Valentine’s Day the right way: not cleaning.
5. Create Some Mood Lighting: $141 - $711
Creating a romantic atmosphere begins with the right lighting. Installing light dimmers will allow you to dial in the perfect level of illumination with the turn of a knob or swipe of a switch. Dimmer switches are especially effective in living rooms, dining rooms and dens ¬¬— and you can also use them to control accent lighting like above-mantle fixtures and dining room chandeliers. Some dimmers come with smart device connectivity and touch-sensitive functionality, making it even easier to light your home with romance in mind.
Hiring a Pro
It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a pro to complete your Valentine’s Day home improvements — especially in the case of electrical- and plumbing-related projects. Attempting a DIY installation can result in personal injury and costly mistakes. Also, a professional will ensure your Valentine’s Day upgrades match your home’s existing décor.

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