Introducing Job Opportunities

Accept the Job Opportunities you want, when you’re available.




What are Opportunity Leads?

Opportunities offer your business the chance to win jobs in addition to your auto-matched leads. These may be outside of your tasks or coverage.
Rest assured, you'll never be charged unless you and the homeowner both accept the opportunity.

Connecting with these Engaged Customers is Easy


     Here's how it works:


  • You'll get alerts when homeowners request your business

  • To view details, simply visit the Opportunity Center

  • If interested, accept the lead to connect!


     View Opportunity Center >





Here the different ways you can receive Job Opportunities





View and accept project requests from potential customers in your Opportunities Center.


Mobile App

Make sure your notifications are enabled on the app, so you never miss one of these engaged leads.


Don't have the app? Download it here >





Text notifications allow us to quickly let you know when there's a new opportunity available nearby.


The more you accept, the more you receive.

Want more of these leads? We send Job Opportunities to our most engaged pros. The more you accept, the more you'll get!