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Tech-Savvy Bathroom Gadgets
Your bathroom may seem like an unlikely place for smart home technology, but several new gadgets promise to make it more comfortable, convenient and clean. Here are six devices sure to boost your bathroom’s appeal.
Comfort and Connectivity First
1. Bluetooth Showerhead Speakers

Pair the showerhead speaker with any Bluetooth-enabled device and include your favorite music or podcasts in your daily shower routine.

Who’s it for? Music lovers, political junkies and podcast fanatics alike will find the Bluetooth shower heads an indispensable addition to their bathrooms. 

2. Smart Scales

Bathroom scales aren’t known for their charm, but a new batch of Wi-Fi-enabled smart scales are changing that. Track your weight, BMI and body fat percentage; access your data via your phone or computer; and sync devices like your Fitbit to earn rewards.

Who’s it for? Fitness buffs and health-conscious homeowners will love the smart scale’s ability to record and share data.

3. Towel-Warming Drawers

Warming drawers keep your towels warm, so they’re ready for you when you get out of a shower or bath. Unlike a heating rack, the warming drawer doesn’t have any hot, exposed pieces that could cause burns. Also, you can customize the look of your heating drawer to match the existing décor in your bathroom. Warming drawers come in a variety of sizes and designs. Talk to a pro before purchasing a warming drawer to find the perfect size and model for your bathroom. 

Who’s it for? Warming drawers are perfect for homeowners looking for a spa-like bathroom experience. 

Germ- and Waste-Free Home Efficiency
4. Water-Conscious Smart Drains

These LED-equipped shower drain covers change color according to the amount of water used during your shower. The beginning, middle and end of your showers are marked by green, orange and red lights. These shower drains memorize the length of your first shower and use it as a guideline for future bathing. You can reset your smart drain if you would like longer or shorter showers.

Who’s it for? Smart shower drains are perfect for environmentally — or utility — conscious homeowners. 

5. Hands-Free Toilet Flush Kits

The touchless flush allows you to flush your toilet with a wave of your hand, helping you keep both water use and the spread of germs to a minimum. Installation is simple; touchless flushes are compatible with most standard toilets.

Who’s it for? The touchless flush is perfect for the efficiency- and cleanliness-minded homeowner.

6. Sensor-Activated Sinks

The touch-free design of motion-activated sinks means no more dirt and grime building up on your faucet handles. Less handling also means a reduction of sickness-spreading germs and bacteria.

Who’s it for? Busy homeowners trying to cut down on clean up time and the spread of bathroom germs.

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