Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Ideas

There’s more to creating the ultimate bathroom than putting up a dark coat of paint and installing a comfortable toilet seat. Here are five features that will help you turn your bathroom into your favorite room.

Find Pros 1. In-Room Entertainment

We’re not sure what genius thought to put a TV in a mirror. What we do know is that they deserve an award for giving us the ability to catch up on yesterday’s sports highlights while getting ready for work. Add in some built-in speakers and you’ve got an entertainment setup that’ll rival some home theaters. Is a bathroom entertainment system necessary? Nope, but when did that ever stop you? Want to learn more? We’ve got the audio and visual pros who can hook you up.

TV in Mirror 2. Dual Sinks

Having two sinks doesn’t seem that awesome until you and your significant other are able to get ready in the same room at the same time. After that, you’ll question how you ever managed to get by with only one. Are dual sinks as cool as mirrors with TVs in them? Maybe not, but they sure are great to have.

Dual Sinks Dream Bathroom 3. Radiant Floor Heating

When it comes to picking out the right flooring it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with tile. In fact, the only mistake we think you could make would be forgetting to add radiant floor heating. Though it’s not a feature you can see, it’s definitely one you, and your guests, will appreciate.

Radiant Flooring 4. Reading Room

If you’re not the only one using your bathroom, you need to make the room as accommodating as possible. Walling off your toilet area to create a separate, enclosed space adds flexibility to the room by allowing your significant other to get ready while still letting you catch up on the day’s headlines and sports scores. If you’ve got the space, we recommend contacting a bathroom pro or handyman to get a better idea of how much the project will cost.

5. Car Wash Shower

You can clean a car with a garden hose. But to give it a real cleaning you need to take it to the car wash. We think the same thing can be said about taking a shower. While one showerhead can get the job done, multiple showerheads are what you need to get the job done in style. You want the ultimate bathroom? You need the ultimate shower.

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