Contractor Spotlight: How Ken B. Immediately Scaled His Business

Ken B. | County Wide Mechanical Services, LLC | Member since '06


What were you doing before starting your business?

I worked for many large and small [contracting] companies to gain the knowledge and specific skills needed within each one. I would do this over a period of time until I felt I had mastered that part of the trade. Then I would move to another company that specialized in another area of the trade and repeated this learning process.

What has HomeAdvisor done to contribute to the success of your business?

HomeAdvisor has provided me with the extra leads to have the ability to not only start a company, but aid in a tool to help grow it.

How has HomeAdvisor helped set your company apart from others in this industry?

They've provided me with a good flow of leads and opportunities to get into more peoples homes to educate them and give them an ever-lasting impression of our company.

What was the most memorable or biggest job you’ve landed with HomeAdvisor?

We were awarded a $65,000 upgrade of nine heating and air conditioning systems in one large Inn style single family home.

What advice would you give to other home service professionals who are thinking about joining?

If you would like to join, my advice is that it's not always the quality of the lead but what you do with that lead to result in immediate or future revenue opportunities.

Please summarize the #1 benefit that HomeAdvisor has brought to your business.

In summary, the biggest benefit HomeAdvisor has given me is the ability to add trades to our business easily by instantaneously providing leads to get going with.

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