DIY Trends: The Good News for Remodeling Pros

As homeowners struggled with the effects of the recent recession, many postponed major remodels and focused their resources on projects they could tackle themselves. Not surprisingly, as a home improvement pro, you may have felt the effects of the DIY boom and felt your businesses take a hit. But as the economy rebounded, the remodeling industry has, too. And while there will always be DIYers, more and more homeowners are trusting their remodels to the pros.

DIY in Decline

Few homeowners are skilled enough to tackle a bathroom or kitchen remodel themselves –especially projects involving extensive plumbing and electrical expertise, as well as architectural planning and design. Particularly in the remodeling world, DIY projects are declining as three-quarters of homeowners report they plan to hire out for their remodeling projects. In fact, according to surveys conducted by HomeAdvisor, 61% of homeowners admit that they would not attempt a kitchen or bath remodel project by themselves. Equally surprising, younger homeowners – traditionally more inclined to DIY – are also bucking the DIY trend and hiring out for their projects.

The Smart Choice

Considering the time and skill required to pull off a kitchen or bath remodel, it’s no surprise that most homeowners choose to hire a pro. Per HomeAdvisor’s survey, more than half of homeowners (52%) expressed that, while they agree that remodeling should be left to a professional – most still think it’s a hassle to find a trusted pro.

The Pro Connection

Between kitchen, bath, and other remodel projects, HomeAdvisor receives over 300,000 requests per year from homeowners who decided to make the smart choice and hire a pro. Recognizing that they don’t have the necessary skills, time, or motivation to tackle an enormous remodeling project by themselves, these homeowners turn to HomeAdvisor because they know they’ll be connected with a skilled pro they can trust to do the job right.

Of course, making the decision to hire a pro isn’t an easy one, especially for those homeowners who are on the DIY fence. And while you want them to hire you, it can be difficult to convince them that hiring a pro is the smart decision without sounding like you don’t have their best interests in mind.

HomeAdvisor created a short video with home improvement expert and TV personality, Amy Matthews, that helps homeowners figure out if they should hire a pro or go it alone. If one of your prospects thinks they may want to attempt a DIY, showing them this video could help change their mind:

Amy Matthews Video