Old Home. Fresh Look.

Old Home, Fresh Look

If you want a home with character, you want a home that was built before closets were the size of small bedrooms. That is to say: you want a home that’s 40 years old or older. But as anyone who’s owned an older home can attest to, all that character comes at a price.

Every homeowner has a list of projects that need completing. Some they need to do, some they want to do. Obviously, it’s a good idea to knock out the high-priority projects first. Once the “bones” of your home are strong, you can shift your attention and home improvement dollars towards projects that will freshen up your place. And while there will be plenty of projects to tackle; here are few updates worth putting on your to-do list.

Find Pros Liven up your landscaping

With an older home there’s a chance the landscaping falls into one of three categories: overgrown, at odds with your tastes, or not a good fit for your lifestyle. Without proper maintenance, most plants and shrubs outgrow their growing areas in about ten years. And as you probably already know, nothing kills curb appeal like a poorly manicured yard. Then again, maybe it’s perfectly landscaped and you still can’t stand it. Good thing there’s no rule that says you’re stuck with the yard you’ve got. Not a fan of ornamental grasses, or red cedar, or whatever other questionable landscaping decisions were made? No worries. Let your imagination go and come up with a landscaping plan that’s more your style. Last but not least, your new yard might not fit your current lifestyle. Maybe the yard isn’t kid friendly (definitely a problem if you have kiddos), or maybe the previous owners didn’t appreciate the wonder of outdoor living. Either way, having a yard you enjoy is one of greatest perks of being a homeowner. We recommend enjoying that perk as soon as possible.

Perk it up with paint

Nothing exposes a home’s age like worn out and faded exterior paint. And while environment plays a big role in how long your paint will hold up, most paints start to chip and fade after about ten years. But just because the paint might be starting to fade, doesn’t mean your home needs to be completely repainted. In many cases, chipped or peeling paint can be touched up. However, if you know the home hasn’t been painted in more than a decade, it’s time to repaint. While many homeowners choose to tackle the project themselves, it’s a labor-intensive job that’s often best left to a pro. Once you’ve freshened up the paint, be sure to power wash it every spring and fall to blast away all the dirt and grime that’s accumulated.

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century

Older homes might have an abundance of character. What they don’t have is an abundance of bathroom space. And if there’s one thing we want in our homes, it’s a bathroom that’s bigger than a broom closet. There’s a lot you can do to bring your bathroom into the 21st century. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend applying a fresh coat of paint and updating your cabinet hardware. If you’ve got a bit more cash to spare, upgrading your fixtures (bath, shower, toilet, and sink) is a great way to improve the look, and water efficiency, of your bathroom. For those who are ready to go big, a full-scale expansion and remodel will transform your worn out bathroom into space that would be the envy of any spa.

Take back your time with a cleaning service

What does a cleaning service have to do with modernizing your home? Nothing. But what it can do is free up your time so you can spend time working on the projects that do. Whether it’s once a week, once a month, or just a few times a year, hiring a cleaning service is the easiest way to keep your old home feeling new.

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