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3 Garage Solutions

An organized garage is one of the most useful rooms in your home. Unfortunately, many garages become a collection point for clutter over time — which limits their practicality. Here’s how you can transform your garage from a junk catchall into an organizational hotspot. 

1. Clear Out Clutter

Organizing your garage is sometimes a daunting task. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you eliminate clutter and get your garage in working order:


Step 1: Sort the items in your garage

Sort items like tools, holiday décor, extra furniture and sporting equipment into their own respective piles.

Step 2: Get rid of extras

Go through each pile and get rid of unused or broken items. You can donate throw-away items in good condition to churches or second-hand stores.

Step 3: Add additional storage

Install shelving or cabinets after you’ve cleared out your garage. You can mount shelves or cabinets on the wall or, for a less expensive option, purchase durable plastic totes and drawers.

Step 4: Create an efficient work area

Install a work bench or table. A pegboard and a sturdy tool chest are a great way to store your tools while keeping them accessible.

Step 5: Keep trash and recycling bins nearby

Section off an area near the entrance of your home for trash and recycling bins.

2. Install an Addition

Garage additions are a great way to increase the square footage and organizational capacity of your home. Adding a second story to your garage will boost your home’s comfort and storage space. Garage additions also offer suitable environments for home offices, studios and workshops. 

3. Go Multi-Purpose

Installing a home office or workshop in your garage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on organization. Many homeowners design their multi-purpose garages to include space for parking, storage and additional activities. If your garage is spatially limited, consider moving items like tools, sporting equipment and seasonal items to a storage shed. Clearing out smaller items is a simple way to increase the usable space of your garage.

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