Profiles That Win: How to Get Noticed and Win More Jobs

When you break it down, winning remodeling jobs involves a relatively simple process: You first have to get noticed, then you need to make the right impression. Seems simple enough, right? Too bad that, in reality, this “easy” task can be so difficult. But it doesn’t have to be when you have HomeAdvisor in your corner.

Expand Your Audience.

It’s hard to make an impression if there’s no one to impress. HomeAdvisor’s LiveDirectory™ takes care of that problem by putting your business in front of millions of homeowners. But don’t mistake LiveDirectory for a simple list of businesses. It’s a “live,” dynamic resource that lets you promote your services to homeowners in your local area who are actively searching for the services you offer. Homeowners know that all pros listed in HomeAdvisor’s LiveDirectory are currently in business, accepting new jobs, and have verified ratings & reviews based on real customers’ experiences. And unlike competing directories, homeowners get free access to LiveDirectory.

HA LiveDirectory
Win Their Attention. Win the Job.

You’ve just overcome the biggest obstacle (being found). Now you have to convince the homeowner that you’re the right pro for their remodeling project. As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. This is especially true when you’re competing in a crowded marketplace where homeowners have more choices than they can process. One of the shortcuts they take to narrow their options is to eliminate pros with incomplete or inadequate profiles.

Your LiveDirectory profile is an online business card that lets you promote your services, maintain a consistent online presence, and gain an edge on the competition. Some pros make the mistake of simply listing their business name and contact info. Successful pros know that this is the one chance they have to impress potential customers.

The Winning Profile.

With LiveDirectory, you have the platform to create a truly customized profile that helps you stand out from the competition. Post photos of your best remodeling projects. Display verified ratings and reviews. Advertise special offers. Your LiveDirectory profile is your chance to tell homeowners what they need to know about your business and why they should hire you. Put yourself in the homeowner’s position and compare a standard profile to a LiveDirectory profile. Whose profile would you notice?