New Feature!
New! Connect to Homeowners Live on the Phone
HomeAdvisor launches a new program connecting Homeowners and pros directly over the phone.
We get important details from
Project-Ready Homeowners
•  Homeowners provide details about their home repair or improvement project
•  We'll ask important questions to ensure we match you to the right customers
•  When you’re matched to a homeowner, we’ll show them your profile
Customers can ask to call when they're
Ready to Talk to a Pro
•  New! If a homeowner wants to talk right away, we'll call you
•  We’ll first confirm the homeowner is ready and available
•  Once you’re on the line, we’ll connect you live to the customer
We'll get the customer on the line and
We Connect You Live
•  The customer is ready to talk to you, so be sure to answer!
•  We will also send you the prospect’s complete lead information
•  Talk to prospects first and dramatically increase your close rate