HomeAdvisor + Apple Calendar

How to Re-Enable Sync

As of June 15, 2017, Apple requires the use of an app-specific password to connect to your HomeAdvisor Pro account.

Please follow these steps to ensure your appointments stay up-to-date:

1.  Disable Apple iCloud Calendar sync in your HomeAdvisor Pro account.

2.  Set up two-factor authentication for your Apple account.

  • iOS 10.3 or Later: Open Settings >> tap your name at the top >> Password & Security
  • iOS 10.2 or Earlier: Open Settings >> iCloud >> Apple ID >> Password & Security
  • On a Mac: Open System Preferences >> iCloud >> Account Details >> Security

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3.  Create an app-specific password for HomeAdvisor Pro schedule sync.

  • Sign into your Apple ID account page
  • Under Security >> App-Specific Passwords
  • Click Generate Password
  • Copy the new password to your clipboard

4.  In your HomeAdvisor Pro account, re-enable sync for Apple iCloud Calendar. When prompted for your app-specific password, paste in the new password you created in step 3.

You have now successfully updated your sync!

If you need assistance, please contact us at 855-987-6474 or

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