Landscaping Solutions

Landscape Solutions

Landscape designers transform difficult properties into beautiful landscapes. Here are five reasons to include a professional designer in your next outdoor update. 

Find Pros? 1. Working with Small Yards

Landscape designers combine eye-catching landscaping with space-conscious designs. Curves and tiered levels add more depth and points of interest without swallowing up your valuable space. It’s important to plan ahead with your landscape designer as you choose plants. Plant small trees instead of large ones and hide your fence with flowering vines instead of big shrubs.

Working with Small Yards 2. Avoid High Maintenance Landscapes

Landscape designers often encourage homeowners to avoid high-maintenance landscapes. High maintenance usually ends up in homeowner neglect. Instead, most designers suggest planting low-maintenance species that are native to your area. With the large variety of low-maintenance plants available to homeowners today, you can have a yard that requires almost no upkeep. Low-maintenance yards also require less water. In this time of environmental concern, designing a landscape that conserves resources is always a plus.

Find a Pro 3. Refurbish Rather than Replace Your Yard

Landscape designers always recommend that you re-use as much of your existing yard as possible — even when undertaking a large landscaping renovation. Skilled designers generally help homeowners decide which plants to leave in place and which to remove. Any designer will tell you that refurbishing your yard — instead of replacing everything — saves you time and money.

4. Landscaping Solutions for Busy Streets and Intersections

A busy street or intersection presents a different set of challenges for your landscape design. A buffer of fast-growing, dense shrubbery can make a world of difference when it comes to providing privacy. A small, enclosed garden is another way to close off your backyard to outside noise.

Landscaping Solutions 5. Landscape Designers are Worth Every Penny

These landscaping solutions are just a taste of what a good landscape designer can provide your property. Whether you're looking for a total landscape renovation or just a quick update, a professional designer will help you find the perfect design for your home and budget.

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Article by Matt Goering

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