By participating in the HomeAdvisor State-Level Trade License Credit Offer (the "Credit Offer") you (i) agree to HomeAdvisor's membership Terms & Conditions and (ii) hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions below, and (iii) agree that you must purchase a HomeAdvisor Annual Membership (“Membership”).

Eligibility. To be eligible for the Credit Offer, you must:

  1. Provide proof of payment for your State-Level Trade License (“License”) which must be within the prior nine (9) months. Only Licenses for the following tasks and locations are eligible for participation in the Credit Offer:
    • - HVAC in Los Angeles or Riverside/San Bernardino
    • - Additions & Remodels in Los Angeles, Riverside/San Bernardino, or Oakland
    • - Roofing in Los Angeles
    • - Painting in Los Angeles
  2. Enroll in the HomeAdvisor Network and purchase your Membership by September 30, 2017.


For participating in the Credit Offer, you will receive a up to $100 in credits with HomeAdvisor (“Monthly Credit”) each month while your HomeAdvisor account is active and approved, until you have received credits in the amount equal to the amount you paid for your License (“License Credit”). You will not receive any credits for any month for which your account is not active and approved as of the first of the month. Your Credit Offer will begin upon, and is conditioned upon, your approval into the HomeAdvisor Network, following your initial annual membership payment, and will continue until the License Credit has been received or until your termination from the HomeAdvisor network. The License Credit has no cash value, and may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash; it may only be used toward lead fees, membership fees (other than the initial annual membership fee) and any other HomeAdvisor products and services. Upon your termination from the HomeAdvisor network, in the event there is any License Credit remaining, such License Credit will be forfeited and no further credits or amounts will be due or owing from HomeAdvisor. 

For any questions regarding the Credit Offer you may contact HomeAdvisor Customer Care at (877) 947-3639.

The maximum dollar value in leads you may receive under the Credit Offer is the amount you paid for your eligible License. The total number of leads received by you will depend upon several factors, including consumer demand, and your profiled task(s) and zip code coverage, and may amount to less than $100 in leads per month.

*Eligibility. Only contractors who are not existing members of the HomeAdvisor Network, and who pass HomeAdvisor’s screening and become approved members of the HomeAdvisor Network, are eligible to participate (unless otherwise approved by HomeAdvisor).