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Want to reach new homeowners in your area? HomeAdvisor helps you connect with exactly the customers you want to serve. 

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The All-In-One Solution
for Every Business
Get all the lead management, customer service and marketing tools you need to connect with customers and win more jobs!

Get all this for just $28.99 per month! Plus the cost of leads*.

*Membership billed annually. Individual lead prices vary based on service type and location.
Win Jobs
with Pro Leads
Receive exactly the type and amount of new business leads you want.

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With ProLeads, you have constant control over the type and volume of business opportunities we send your way! Plus, you can connect with homeowners through your choice of Targeted or Exact Match Leads*.


Be Found
with LiveDirectory
Get in front of ready-to-hire homeowners seeking your skills and expertise.

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5 million homeowners search HomeAdvisor’s LiveDirectory each month to find local pros like you. Your LiveDirectory listing puts you right in front of ready-to-hire homeowners when they need you!
Stand Out
with an Online Public Profile
Create an online profile that makes it clear you’re the best pro for the job.

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Pros with a complete online profile receive 60% more customer contacts. Post credentials, project photos and other information to prove you’re the pro they should hire.

Build Trust
with Verified Ratings and Reviews
Inspire trust in new customers with honest reviews from past customers.

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Pros who display at least 5 reviews get 8 times the customer contacts. Why? Because homeowners seek and trust the opinion of other homeowners!
Boost Credibility
with HomeAdvisor's Seal of Approval
Display proof that you’ve passed HomeAdvisor’s pre-screening processes.

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Show that you’re legit. HomeAdvisor’s Seal of Approval confirms that you’re licensed, insured and background-checked, giving homeowners peace of mind. Plus, get free background screening services for your employees.
Work Smarter
with our Mobile App
Easily manage your account and track your performance using your mobile phone.

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HomeAdvisor’s Pro Mobile App makes it easy to manage your account, generate ratings and reviews, and track your profile performance — all from your mobile phone!

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Why Pros Love HomeAdvisor

"HomeAdvisor has absolutely been a game changer for me. The day that I signed up changed everything for my business."
Jake M. – Skyline Carpet Cleaning
Member since December 2009


“The number one benefit that HomeAdvisor brings to my business is quality leads”
Rob B. – Property Improvement Services
Member since September 2015


“The days of asking for references and referrals are over.”
Raven B – The Cooler Company 
Member since January, 2002


Frequently Asked Questions

How does HomeAdvisor work?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Homeowners seeking home service professionals tell us about their projects.
  2. We use our ProFinder technology to match them with qualified local pros
  3. They choose to connect with pros via phone, email or booked appointment.

How will I benefit from HomeAdvisor Pro membership?

When you’re a HomeAdvisor Pro member, HomeAdvisor matches you with homeowners actively seeking the services you provide in your area — making it easier than ever to connect with new customers and win more jobs. You’ll also get a listing in our online directory, a business profile page on our website, access to helpful business management and marketing tools, and qualified new business opportunities (Pro Leads) to keep your pipeline full.

How much control do I have over the leads I receive?

With Pro Leads, you have full control over the type and volume of business opportunities you receive from HomeAdvisor. That means that you turn your leads off when you’re too busy to take new jobs and ask for more leads when your schedule’s light.

How much do leads cost?

Individual lead prices vary based on service type and location. You’ll be charged only for qualified leads matching your exact specifications, so you set the budget and the pace.
To learn how much leads will cost your business please 
 or call us at 855-801-6255.

How do I manage my leads?

With HomeAdvisor Pro membership, you’ll get access to a mobile app and online leads management tool that makes it easy to organize leads, track calls and reporting, and connect with customers on the go. We also offer mobile office management software that helps you create invoices and get paid faster.

Will my directory listing show up on other sites too?

Yes! As a HomeAdvisor Pro member, you'll be listed on all of the websites included in our Exclusive Partner Network — including Realtor.com, This Old House and more.

How do I join? 

Call us directly at 855-801-6255

Call us: (855) 801-6255