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If you need anything from a simple home repair, to a major remodel, you need to know about HomeAdvisor. It’s a totally free service that matches you with background-checked and neighbor-reviewed pros for any home project.

See what Terry C., a member since 2008, has to say about HomeAdvisor’s free service:

“I love HomeAdvisor because they offer fast, professional, courteous, home repair and home improvement, that's available 24/7.  It's free to join the service.  You can look at the customer reviews.  The contractors are pre-screened. There's no worries.  It's an easy service to use, and it's a great service to use.”

HomeAdvisor is the nation’s #1 free resource for pre-screened home improvement professionals. You can compare prices, read verified reviews from other local homeowners and book an appointment – all online! Start your next home repair or improvement project at or download our free app. 

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