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Painting Primer
Some homeowners are quick to tackle painting projects themselves. But hiring a pro will ensure the best results. What do you need to know about hiring a pro? Keep reading to find out.
Exterior Painting

How Often
If you live in a house long enough, you’re going to have to paint its exterior. An occasional touch up is enough to hide small blemishes, but a new coat of paint is the only solution for a brand-new look. Most exterior paints are designed to last for up to 10 years. Extreme environments can sometimes affect the lifespan of your paint.
Picking the Right Paint
Most homeowners begin their painting project by picking out a color. Choose a color that blends into your neighborhood if you're having a hard time deciding. This is especially important if you’re thinking about selling your house in a few years.

Next, you need to choose your paint. Match your paint to the material you're painting and the type of paint previously used. Most pros recommend matching your new paint type to the existing coat. If you’re not sure what was used, go with an alkyd-based paint. As far as paint types are concerned, your first decision is whether you’re going with a water- or oil-based paint. Water-based paints are durable, fast drying and easy to clean up. On the other hand, oil-based paints have longer drying times and are harder to clean up. But many pros choose oil-based paints due to their durability.
Hiring a Pro
Painting the exterior of your house is a labor-intensive job that requires a significant amount of prep work and the right tools. House painting is a job that can quickly consume multiple weekends, especially if you own a multi-level house. It’s no surprise then that many homeowners choose to hire a pro to ensure the job is done right. In fact, by the time you factor in the cost of materials and the cost of your free time, you’ll likely find that hiring a pro is the smartest choice. HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide will help you price your painting project.
Interior Painting

How Often
There is no hard-and-fast rule dictating when you should repaint your home’s interior walls. Given how durable interior paints have become, many homeowners only paint their interior walls when they want to change up their home’s color scheme. That being said, if your walls are looking worn or dated, it’s probably time to apply a fresh coat of paint.
Picking the Right Paint
The type of room you’re painting will play a large part in the colors you choose. Paint small spaces with lighter colors to avoid creating a room that feels claustrophobic. Paint bedrooms in soft, cool tones to create a sense of relaxation. For kitchens, choose something bright and lively that creates a room that buzzes with positive energy. Paint common areas with neutral colors and bold accent walls.

Base your finish on the room you’re painting. Many pros recommend a matte or satin finish for low-traffic rooms like bedrooms and hallways. Go with a gloss or semi-gloss paint when it comes to high-traffic areas.
Hiring a Pro
While interior painting is definitely DIY-able, you might want to consider hiring a pro to tackle the project for you. For one, a pro will complete your job much faster than a DIY project -- meaning you don’t have to spend your weekend painting. Second, hiring a pro ensures that the job will be done right and up to your exacting standards. Last but not least, hiring a pro means you won't have to pay for costly mistakes. Check out HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide to see how much others in your area are spending on their interior painting projects. When you’re ready to get started, we’ll help you find a painter you can trust to get the job done right.

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