4 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Pet Palace

Pet Palaces

The trendiest over-the-top pet rooms aren’t necessarily for your pet. They’re for you. Do you think your schnauzer cares that you’ve decorated her room with a dog-bone motif? Of course not. But it sends a message. To your friends. To the rest of your family. That King, your beloved Saint Bernard, is worthy of a throne. (Sure, they’ll worry about you, but that’s their problem, right?)

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Here are some strategies to maintain the royal treatment:

1. Provide creature comforts

Dogs and cats take their naps seriously; lounging is kind of their thing. Choose a bed that will make your pet comfortable while complementing your home’s décor and your pet’s personality. These days, you can find everything from pagoda beds to four-post canopies to chaise lounges. And each one will make you envy your pet’s bed as much as you envy the amount of time they get to spend on it.

Photo courtesy of La Lune Collection 2. Add a dog-washing station

This actually drips with practicality. Baths and showers are never quite adequate when it comes to dog washing, and dog-washing salons can get expensive. Generally, these stations are easily added to laundry rooms, or even mudrooms, assuming they have plumbing.

Photo courtesy of www.sjjanis.com Find Pros 3. Think outside the house

There’s no reason being in the doghouse has to feel like you’re in the doghouse. The latest in poochie-chic turns doghouses into tasteful miniaturizations of your home: Colonial, Tudor, Victorian or Contemporary. Anything goes. Architects and contractors looking for side jobs can have a lot of fun with these, and -- if you find the right helper -- it might be cheaper than you think.

Photo courtesy of Straight Line Designs, photo by Mike Wakefield 4. Don't forget the cats

Cat paraphernalia offers a lot of variety. Consider the possibilities and check out cool, six-level scratching posts and enclosed litter box commodes. Now, if only there were a Roomba that would seek-and-destroy hairballs.

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