A Picture is Worth 1,000 Projects

At this point it’s safe to say that the Internet has become the homeowner’s go-to resource for finding and researching prospective contractors and designers. Given the number of pros who are listing their businesses online, it’s not enough to simply provide your name and contact info.

Homeowners want to know your areas of expertise, where you work, and how long you’ve been in business. They also want to know that you’re licensed and insured, and want to hear what previous clients have to say about your work. And while you might think that’s enough to get them to pick up the phone, it’s not. They want to see examples of your work, too. Sure, it’s a lot of info, but it’s also your one shot to make a positive first impression.

Turning Profile Views into Projects

Your HomeAdvisor profile is an excellent resource to get your kitchen, bath, or other remodeling project portfolios out in front of prospective customers and get them engaged with your work. By giving homeowners a visual representation of your potential to do the same for them, you’re getting their attention during the earliest stages of their decision making process. Compare a profile that doesn’t feature pictures to one that does, and it’s easy to see who a homeowner would call.

Putting You in Front of Your Customers

As a member of the HomeAdvisor network, your business will be listed in our LiveDirectory – a dynamic directory of home improvement pros that gives homeowners key information about your business including:
•   Contact information (phone number, email, address), business hours, etc.
•   Company logo
•   Areas of expertise and service area(s)
•   Verified ratings and reviews
•   Additional information about the products/brands you recommend, memberships, licenses,
    awards, insurance, etc.
•   HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval showing you’ve been pre-screened and approved
•   Special offers for HomeAdvisor customers
•   Additional facts about your business (how long in business, family owned, languages spoken,
    why they should hire you, etc.)

Expand Your Reach with DesignMine

An additional resource that’s free to all HomeAdvisor members is DesignMine, a design-oriented online community that connects premier design and construction professionals with homeowners planning major home improvement projects. With a high-end designer look, DesignMine gives homeowners inspiration on the remodel looks they want – by room, style, and category – and gets your profile and work examples in front of them as they place photos of your work into virtual files. DesignMine also lets you upload unlimited photos of your best work, so you have plenty of opportunity to make that standout impression.

Establishing Trust Through Positive Reviews

With 85% of homeowners turning to the web to find home improvement pros, it’s no surprise that ratings and reviews play a huge role in the decision making process. However, as beneficial as positive ratings and reviews can be, they only help if they’re from a trustworthy source.

HomeAdvisor verifies all reviews posted on a service pro’s profile to ensure that they’re authentic and were actually written by the homeowners themselves – not the pro’s friends or family. When meeting your customer for the first time, go the extra mile and print off examples of your reviews from your HomeAdvisor profile to hand to your client. It lets them know your reputation is important to you, and that you value their time so they don’t have to conduct that research themselves.