Remodeling Trends: Fantasy vs. Reality

You’ve worked with enough homeowners to know that everyone aspires to make their home better. Whether it’s routine maintenance, minor remodels, or complete renovations, homeowners want their homes to be a representation of who they are. HomeAdvisor talked with homeowners to learn more about the projects they’ve done, what they’d like to do, and what impact home improvement has on their lives.

When it comes to motivations, 64% of homeowners we spoke to said that improving the look of their home was the primary reason they moved forward with a home improvement project. 61% completed projects to increase their home’s value, while 36% did so to make their home more comfortable.

Needs vs. Wants

For every major remodel, there are dozens of minor projects that seem to take precedence. Unfortunately, the realities of maintaining a home often mean postponing that new kitchen remodel back another year. Rooms need repainting. Furnaces need fixing. Windows need replacing. None are projects that a homeowner daydreams about, but all are projects that will improve the look, value, and comfort level of their home.

Wants vs. Needs

Keeping up with regular maintenance and tackling projects that keep a home running smoothly and efficiently might not be a homeowner’s idea of fun, but it’s still money well spent. That being said, you’d be hard pressed to find a homeowner who isn’t chomping at the bit to remodel part, or all, of their home. Not surprisingly, 34% of homeowners said that they’d remodel their kitchens if they could, while 15% and 12% would remodel their bathrooms and basements.

Giving the Customer What They Want and Need

As a kitchen and bathroom specialist, you know that many homeowners have to put off their dream remodels to take care of smaller, or more critical, projects, which often takes a healthy chunk out of their remodeling budgets. Given this fact, it’s easy to understand why it often takes a homeowner many months to green light their kitchen or bathroom remodel. During this time, it’s important to keep in touch with the homeowner so you’re top of mind once they decide to more forward. It might require a little more patience and effort on your part, but it can go a long way towards winning you the job in the end.