How to Personally Secure Your
Company’s Future

Article by Stevie Clapton

A company’s growth is up to the owners. Regardless of what one says about the employees, the future outcome is left up to the business owners. Ensuring the company’s values are still being met even after an owner has departed the business requires planning now before it’s too late. There are many different ways to secure your company and its future, and here are simple steps to start you on that path.

Visualize and Plan the Future

You will need to visualize what you want for your company’s future and make the plans to get it there. It’s best to start with your short term goals, and if that is unforeseeable for you, start with your long term goals. Once you have those down, work backwards unveiling what steps you’ll need to complete to get you to your future level. A common theme is reassessing your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis again and focusing on increasing your profit, customer service, employee satisfaction, and revenue to get you to where you want your company to be.

Invest in Leadership Training

Most companies tell their future employees they are looking for those that can withstand innovation and change. But the company itself may not even be prepared to keep up with global innovation. Change is in a company’s thoughts and their employees. They need forward thinkers, movers, and shakers. Leadership training should not just be about making managers and balancing books, but it should also be about no longer being concerned with the status quo, pushing social media, tapping into new funding sources, and work with more complex ideas than ever before.

Liability Insurance

Running a business puts you at risk for many liabilities. Anyone who comes in contact with your business may file a lawsuit or claim against you. This could range from incidents such as accidental injuries and the need to cover medical bills to employment practices such as wrongful termination suits. These services can also help prevent against future loss.

Secure Your Physical Location and Network

There are many forms of security breach: physical, stealing confidential paperwork, or hacking into a network. There are also various methods you can use to protect your business from these types of breaches. To prevent breaches of physical security or theft, ensure that your employees thoroughly read and sign your security policy. It should include information about how to utilize their company provided computers and store company data.

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