Seasonal Slowdowns: What Should You Do?
BY: HomeAdvisor
Most businesses dread slow seasons. But staying afloat during lean months doesn’t have to be difficult — or even painful. Here are some tips to keep your business growing all year long:

1. Revisit Old Leads 

Reaching out to old leads is a great way to drum up new business during your slow season. Sending promotional emails, leaving friendly voicemails and mailing handwritten reminders are perfect ways to reconnect with leads.

2. Plan Ahead: Devise a strategy to shore up your seasonal slack. Whether you need an off-season savings account, a slow-season advertising budget or new skill development, planning ahead will keep your business in good shape.


3. Work Smart: Not at all jobs are lucrative. In fact, some can even cost you money. During your slow months, take only jobs that are guaranteed to turn a profit. Jumping into time- and resource-consuming projects can take a serious toll if you’re short on capital.


4. Expand Your Coverage: This can be a great time to branch out of your normal service area. Working farther from home will require extra hours, but it can expand your customer base and grow your business during slower months.


5. Add Value: Don’t be afraid to suggest additional work to customers. Pointing out value-boosting upgrades during a larger job will increase the size of your budget and demonstrate your expertise to your client. Also, completing smaller, return-on-investment (ROI)-focused jobs will give your client the feeling of getting a little extra —which always gets a callback.

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