Contractor Spotlight:
Insider Tips to Success by a CertaPro Painter

Advice by Pat Wade of Huntington Beach, CA - HomeAdvisor Pro since 2010.
BY: HomeAdvisor
Reliant Roofing

What advice would you give other pros on lead management?

We've seen improved success with HomeAdvisor by using the pro mobile app. Our salespeople will reach out to customers right away through this app, which is quick and convenient. They'll typically call, then text and/or email depending on whether we reach them or not on the phone.

How have these leads worked in terms of your ROI?

I know that not all of the leads are going to convert into estimates, but I'm evaluating the return on investment and am less concerned about the slippage numbers. In 2017, our spend with HomeAdvisor averaged 6.5% of sales which I'll take all day long.


How did you choose this line of work?

We started our business in 1993, and I chose to work in this industry because I enjoy working with people and seeing the smile on their face when we transform their home!

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