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General Contractors

General contractors are the professionals who coordinate large construction projects. In the case of a home addition or home remodel, a general contractor (GC) will make sure that each subcontractor will show up on time, do the work that needs to be done, and not interfere with any of the other subcontractors. For example, a certain project might need a plumber, a concrete contractor, a drywall contractor, electrician, and tiling professional. It is the general contractor's job to make sure that all of these pros not only get along, but also that they do their work in a timely manner. Hiring a GC is a smart choice as these pros can save you money over the course of a project.
Popular General Contractors Projects
Additions & Remodels
Major and minor remodels, renovations, additions, outdoor kitchens, disaster recovery, specialty services (disability, chairlifts, elevators), etc. 

Includes soil & structural engineers. Install or replace concrete foundations. 

New Home Builders
Includes the building of custom, log, modular, panelized, timber framed & manufactured homes. 

Includes traditional and general architects and landscape architects. 

Construction Manager
Act as homeowner's agent overseeing project. 

Prepare project drawings. 

Land Surveyor
Establish exact size & location of boundaries. 

Permit Service
Service bureau that helps obtain building permits.