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PROGUIDE: The Power of Cards

Article by Kyle Hunt

Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out?
Buy a package of thank you cards. Yes, I said thank you cards.

When you get back to the office after the next appointment you go on, immediately pull out a thank you card and write a simple note.

Need wording examples? Try the following.

“Thank you so much for you time…”
“Excited for the opportunity to work for you and your wonderful family…”
“Look forward to talking to you again next Tuesday…”

Sign it, toss in a business card and mail it out. It takes about 5 minutes but can gain you thousands in won jobs.

If you do this consistently for one month you’ll become a believer in the power of the thank you card. This simple, practical marketing tool helps you build trust and shows potential clients you care about details and running a successful remodeling business is about doing a lot of “little things” right.
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