After the Storm: Quick Tips to Help You Recover

Tornado Damage

Living in an area prone to tornados gives one an acute awareness of how powerful and destructive they can be. And while they’re a way of life, most of the time we’re fortunate enough to escape their fury. However, your home doesn’t have to sustain a direct hit from a tornado to get damaged. High winds and the severe weather that accompanies a tornado can also damage your home. If your home has been damaged, here are a few tips that will help you begin the recovery process.

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 1.  If you need housing, Text SHELTER plus your zip code to 43362 (per For additional
      assistance, contact the Red Cross.
 2.  Register yourself as “safe and well” with the Red Cross.
 3.  Keep away from downed power lines.
 4.  If you need to enter a dark home and require lighting, only use flashlights. Turn it on before entering
      your home and do not use candles as they may ignite leaking gas.
 5.  Avoid using tap water until you’re sure it’s not contaminated.
 6.  Check on your neighbors.
 7.  If your home is not damaged but you live in an area with widespread damage, keep all kids and
      pets inside.
 8.  Immediately clean up hazardous spills, including chemicals, gas, household cleaners, and medicines.
 9.  Look out for exposed nails and broken glass.
10. Take pictures of any damage your home or property may have suffered. Contact your insurance agent
      as soon as possible.

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