5 Things Every Homeowner Wants to Know Before Hiring a Pro

With razor-thin profit margins leveling the playing field, understanding what your client’s concerns are can be the difference between getting the job and losing it to a competitor. And while you’ve probably got a good idea of what they’re looking for in their project, here are a few things they’re looking for in a pro.

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1. They want a pro with lots of reviews

75% of homeowners use the Internet to research and find home pros. One of the biggest things they’re looking for are reviews. In fact, we’ve found that pros with at least 5 reviews receive 8X as many homeowner contacts. Thankfully, we make it easy to gather and display the reviews that will win you more jobs.

2. They want a pro they can trust

Did you know that 80% of homeowners say they’d never hire a service pro who hasn’t had a criminal and financial background check? HomeAdvisor makes it easy for them to get the peace of mind they’re looking for by only referring pros that have successfully passed our screening process. Displaying the HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval on your profile lets potential clients know you’re someone they can trust.

3. They want a pro who is credentialed

You’re licensed and insured. You might even be bonded. You know that, but do prospective clients? Surprisingly, fewer than 50% of homeowners we surveyed ask their contractor to provide proof of licensure and insurance. Proactively providing this info in your HomeAdvisor profile lets them know you’re reputable, while eliminating the embarrassing need to ask you for the information.

4. They want a pro who does good work

A homeowner hires you because they trust you to bring their home improvement dreams to reality. And while you’ve probably got a portfolio of your best work posted to your website, posting it to you profile allows you to showcase your expertise, giving prospective clients a visual reference to your work quality and remodel experience.

5. They want a pro who delivers exceptional customer service

It doesn’t matter how big or expensive the project is, a homeowner wants to know that you’ll deliver exceptional customer service. Understanding their concerns and being attentive to their needs is, unfortunately, not a skill every pro can, or wants to, master. Do so, and you’ll be able to stand out from the competition and get the positive reputation that will earn you more jobs moving forward.

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