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Earl Russ used HomeAdvisor's Customer Care team to help him define the right level of investment for his
business, finding a trusted partner committed to helping his business succeed.

Q. Why did you decide to try HomeAdvisor?

A. In 2009, my son proposed the idea to me and I decided to talk to a rep. The rep was very helpful and convincing, so I decided to give it a shot. I knew that newspaper ads were no longer enough to generate a sustainable amount of business and realized that I needed to be found on the internet in order to keep my business going. I signed up and haven't looked back since.

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Q. Had you used any lead generation tactics before trying HomeAdvisor? What were your experiences like?

A. Before trying HomeAdvisor, we did mainly newspaper advertising. We used to run over 250 - 300 ads before joining HomeAdvisor, which was costing us about $2,500 a month. At one point after joining HomeAdvisor we learned that the ads we were running on the paper had been missing our phone number for months and we hadn't even noticed! HomeAdvisor had been filling the gaps. Needless to say, we've scaled back our newspaper advertising significantly, paring it down to only 5 or 6 ads. We're saving money AND keeping our schedule full!

Q. Why have you continued to use HomeAdvisor?

A. The year I signed up for the service was the year the recession hit hardest. Everyone said they didn't know what was going to happen and yet I never felt the impact of the recession with regards to my business.

The level of activity I get from HomeAdvisor is such that I sometimes need to turn my leads off because I don't have enough time to take on new projects. This season I was doing 4 - 5 houses a day! Having a steady stream of prospects and the flexibility to manage my flow of work using their tools have made HomeAdvisor a great asset to my business.

Q. What advice would you have for someone considering or just starting to use HomeAdvisor?

A. Just try it! Every type of advertising works differently. HomeAdvisor has worked great for me and my business.

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