What To Do Before, During and After a Winter Storm

Winter Storm Warning

As the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry. We've compiled a list of helpful tips that will ensure you're prepared for whatever Old Man Winter dishes out.

Looking for a Roofer? Before the Storm

·  In addition to the water and food, make sure you have a first aid kit and enough medication and
    personal hygiene supplies to last a week.
·  Pull together copies of important personal documents (birth certificates, insurance policies,
    passports, etc.).
·  Compile a list of family and emergency contact information.
·  Ensure your cell phone is fully charged.
·  Detach outdoor garden hoses to prevent frozen pipes.
·  Get a battery-powered or hand-crank weather radio.
·  Double-check your fireplace or wood-burning stove to ensure it's operational.
·  If you have a generator, top off its fuel supply.
·  If you live in a flash flood area, immediately seek higher ground.

During the Storm During the Storm

·  Stay inside until the storm passes. If you must travel, make sure your car is equipped with an
    emergency kit.
·  To prevent pipes from freezing, open a faucet to allow water to trickle through them.
    If you are forced to turn off the water, open the lowest faucet to drain the pipes.
·  If your primary heating source is inoperable, DO NOT OPERATE A GRILL, GAS STOVE,

After the Storm After the Storm

·  Check your roof for excessive snow loads. Remove snow if necessary.
·  To prevent limb breakage, use a soft broom to gently lift branches and remove snow from trees.
·  Check on your neighbors.
·  Make sure you're physically capable of performing strenuous tasks in cold weather.
    Contact a snow removal service if you need help.
·  Take pictures of any damage your home or property may have suffered. Contact your insurance
    agent as soon as possible.
·  Contact a home improvement pro if your home has been damaged. Click here to find a pro.

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