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10 Tips for Shoveling Snow Like a Pro
Shoveling snow can take a serious toll on your body. Prevent injury and increase efficiency with these 10 simple tips:

Take a moment to stretch and warm your muscles before you start shoveling.


Coat your shovel with cooking spray. The snow will slide right off!


Start at the front of the driveway, working your way back toward the house.


Bend at the knees, not at the waist. And use your legs, not your back, to lift.


Grip the shovel with one hand low near the base and one hand on the handle to get good leverage.


Don’t overreach. Keep the shovel close to your body.


Pivot your feet when you turn to dump snow from the shovel. This will help to prevent back injuries.


Stack snow at a distance that will allow room for future batches.


In lasting storms, clear snow early and often. It’s easier to remove smaller amounts of snow more frequently.


Take breaks! Limit shoveling to intervals of 15-20 minutes or less.

Thinking you’d prefer to stay inside with some hot chocolate? Call a pro! Most homeowners pay between $50 and $180 to let someone else do the snow removal for them!

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